ONE (which is you) WITH (which is together) EBONY

A Certified Yoga Instructor, Wellness Life Coach, Poet and Author; Ebony Lambert connects these gifts to all aspects of life, making an experience with her a wonderful moment to inhale. Twisting not only her body, but also her mind, you will usually find poetry and yoga as one when taught by OneWithEbony. As a Wellness Coach Ebony focuses with an open heart, knowing that every life is different and each person is unique.

Ebony is based in Northern Virginia, her yoga is taught to both private clients and/or public classes for all ages. Ebony has taught the benefits of yoga at several workshops for the community.

OneWithEbony Wellness Therapy

Raindrop Therapy - Is a technique used to relax or energize the body by placing drops of essential oils along specific areas of the body.

Thai Therapy - Is a healing massage like technique used to calm the body, relax the mind and renew the self.

Wellness Package - A combination of Thai Therapy and Raindrop Therapy.

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 OneWithEbony Healthy Connections

I offer you Healthy Connections, the products that I use for myself and/or within my sessions are available to you as well.